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Dec 17

Jared Lee “It’s Over (Goodbye)” Single Cover [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

My photo for Jared Lee’s single “It’s Over (Goodbye)" [ Photo by http://www.dianalevine.com ]

Oct 18

Relaunch of DianaLevine.com — New Sections, New Photos + More

I’m really excited that I’ve officially relaunched my website [ http://www.dianalevine.com ] ! I’ve been working hard for the last few months at reorganizing my portfolio. I’ve added a few new sections of work (Advertising, Album Covers), and have broken my “Celebrity” sections into two — one for portraits and studio work, and one for documentary projects. I’ve added new behind-the-scenes photos, updated my press section, and have added lots of new photos throughout the site. Let me know what you think!

Sep 26

Jared Lee [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

[ Photos by http://www.dianalevine.com ] Last week, I shot press photos for the very talented Jared Lee. In addition to being an awesome musician, he’s also an old family friend — I actually think we’ve known each other since I was born! I’m super excited for him, and everything that’s happening for him in terms of his music and career — give his single “It’s Over (Goodbye)” a listen on his website here:¬†http://www.jaredleemusic.com/

Sep 8

Lauren Henderson Album Cover Photography & Design [ http://www.dianalevine.com ]

[ Photography & Design by http://www.dianalevine.com ] In July, I shot an album cover + interior photos for Lauren Henderson, and I just received a copy of it in the mail! I designed the album as well, so it’s really exciting to have it in my hands, and see how it came out. Lauren is an incredible vocalist and composer, who sings jazz, latin, fusion, r&b, and pop — and also happens to be one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. We had a really fun adventure shooting the album, and I’m so excited and proud of her. Check out Lauren’s website here and you can order a copy of her album online here. <3

Jul 19

kodak love [ www.dianalevine.com ]

A little while ago, I was given a big basket of Kodak film, which was an awesome kick start to starting to shoot film again. I’ve started using my film camera for personal photos, and have been loving it. I’ll try to keep this series updated as I scan the negatives as the weeks go by. [ http://www.dianalevine.com ]

Dec 16

Kelsey Jillette [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

Last week, I had the pleasure of shooting press/EPK/album photos for Kelsey Jillette. In addition to being an incredibly talented artist, she also happens to be the first person I photographed after I moved to New York City, years ago :) So, she always has a warm place in my heart! We had a blast, shot in a few different locations/looks, and ended with an amazing dinner at a little Vietnamese sandwich place in Brooklyn :)

Oct 3

Playing with bokehs in New York City <3


Sep 13

Fashion’s Night Out [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

Some photos I shot during Fashion’s Night Out, along with this timelapse.

Sep 11

Some time lapses I shot last night, during Fashion’s Night Out <3

Aug 26

T.I. [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

Earlier this month, I shot a behind-the-scenes video and photos before T.I.’s first major performance after his release from prison, at Axe Music’s “One Night Only” show at Capitale. Check out the interview/behind-the-scenes footage, and full photo gallery online here.

Apr 22

Day in the Life: the Temper Trap | Photos by DianaLevine.com

Earlier this month, I shot a photo and video documentary about the Australian band, the Temper Trap. It was such a fun day - just lovely guys, and amazing music. I’m sure you know their songs¬†Sweet Disposition, Fader, Love Lost, and Science of Fear, among others. We stayed with them on a tour day, from eating and interviews, to sound checks, hanging out, shopping, and their show at Webster Hall. It’s awesome to spend the whole day learning about their lives, and then to finally see the big performance at the end of the day, and see their fans go wild. The article was written by the amazing Emily Tan, and produced for Spinner. Check out the full photo gallery and video documentary online here.