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Sep 9

H&M, MTV commercials for the 2010 VMA’s [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

Last month, Matt and I worked on an awesome promo for H&M, MTV and the VMA’s, which are airing on MTV now. Check out MTV to catch the three commercials, where celebrity stylist Nole Marin is helping SuChin Pak find three possible outfits to wear to the 2010 VMA’s. Viewers can go online and vote for which of the three outfits she should wear. My photos are in the magazine intro (above, of SuChin, Nole, and all of the H&M clothing), as well as the voting site. The spots were produced by Caroline O’Hare, directed by E.J. McLeavey-Fisher and DP’d by Matt Workman. If you don’t catch them on TV, you can check out one of the spots on Matt’s site here.

Aug 25

Behind the Scenes: MTV, H&M, and VMA commercial shoot

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from our shoot last week for H&M, MTV, and the VMA’s. It was such a fun night, almost felt like a sleepover at a store :) We were at H&M from 8pm until 7:30am. The spots were directed by EJ, DP’d by Mattie, and I shot the photos for the pseudo-magazine that will appear in the commercials. Looking forward to seeing the spots air!