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Oct 26

Ralph Lauren Rugby Tweed Run Portraits [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

[ Photos by http://www.dianalevine.com ] Earlier this month, I shot a series of portraits for Ralph Lauren Rugby as part of their Tweed Run. It was a pleasure to work with everyone at Rugby, and it was the perfect shoot to transition into autumn in NYC :)

Oct 14

Day in the Life: Jason Derulo [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

[ Photos by DianaLevine.com ] Last month, I shot a photo and video documentary “Day in the Life: Jason Derulo" for Aol Music. This was my third time working with Jason and his team (my first shoot with him was last year in NYC, the second was for a few days in Dallas, TX before the Superbowl). He is always so sweet, and it’s always an adventure :) Part of the day included a “flash-mob” in front of Fuse, and it was wild to see people’s reaction to him suddenly performing on the street with the Knicks dancers. By the time it was over, it was pretty much chaos trying to get back into the Fuse building, with fans going crazy. We did the shoot on the same day his new album Future History was released, which you can buy online here

Oct 12

About.me / John Romaniello Advertisement in Times Square [ Photo by DianaLevine.com ]

[ photos by http://www.dianalevine.com ] I’m really excited that one of my photos is running on an billboard in Times Square! My photo of John Romaniello, as part of the About.me advertisement will appear in the billboard right above the Roxy in Times Square for the next month. 

Aug 25

Day in the Life: Luke Bryan [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

Earlier this month, I shot a Day in the Life: Luke Bryan. I was shooting both photos and a video (see the video below), starting the day at Live with Regis & Kelly. It was so much fun to see behind-the-scenes of what goes into a live TV show, all of the energy and excitement. We continued along on the rest of his day, from meeting fans on the street, to getting cheesecake at one of his favorite places, Junior’s. We finished up the day by going to Best Buy and picking up a copy of his new album, Tailgates and Tanlines. A guy after my own heart — he used a coupon! I had such a blast with Luke, Contessa Gayles (who wrote the article on TheBoot), his whole label, crew, and band, and everyone at Live with Regis and Kelly. Awesome people, amazing energy, and tons of laughter. [ Photos and video by http://www.dianalevine.com ]

Aug 15

Alicia Keys [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

These photos are from a documentary shoot I did with Alicia Keys back on June 30th 2011, leading up to her big performance “Piano and I: A One Night Only Event with Alicia Keys” at the Beacon in New York City, performing songs off her debut album “Songs in A Minor”. This was my second time photographing her, and It’s always a pleasure — she’s such an inspiration, and her incredible talent and beauty is truly matched by her inner beauty and generosity. You can watch the whole performance from that night, and view the full gallery of photos online here. [ Photos by http://www.dianalevine.com [

Jul 31

Miami Travel Pics [ http://www.dianalevine.com ]

Just got back from a whirlwind few days of shooting in Miami. I originally was supposed to fly in for one shoot, and then fly back the next day. But, while I was there, I got booked on a another, separate album cover shoot in Miami, so ended up changing travel plans last minute and putting this other shoot together as well. It was totally crazy, but totally wonderful. I had such a blast on both shoots, met incredible people that truly touched my life, and loved shooting on location in Miami. Hardly got any sleep, but worth it! I flew back to NYC, and ended up going straight to another album cover shoot here in NY. Literally ran home, showered, changed clothes, and headed back out. Can’t wait to post photos from these shoots! 

[ http://www.dianalevine.com ]

Jul 27

Some Additional Photos from Album Cover Shoot for Hoodie Allen’s “Leap Year” [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

I loved so many of the photos from my shoot for Hoodie Allen's album cover for “Leap Year” that I had to post a few more! Here are some additional photos from the shoot. I've never gotten splashed more during a shoot, but it was totally worth it :) Go listen/download to Leap Year for free online here! [ Photos by http://www.dianalevine.com ]

Jun 9

Webutante Ball 2011 [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

I just posted my photos from this year’s 2011 Webutante Ball! This year was so special to me — all of the proceeds from the ball are donated to charity each year, and this year, they donated the proceeds to the Michael J. Fox Foundation through Team Fox!

As anyone close to me knows, my Mom has Parkinson’s. She is Mom, my best friend, my support, my inspiration, and proves to me every day what a strong and incredible woman he is. We’ve been part of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation for years, and I’m always looking for ways to incorporate raising money and awareness about Parkinson’s into my life and work.

Because of this, I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am that the Webutante Ball raised $25,000 for Parkinson’s research!! Even better yet — Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google — matched the donation, making the grand total $50,000!!!

I don’t even know how to begin to thank Richard Blakeley (the mastermind of the Webutante Ball!) for making this happen. On a normal year, I’m psyched if we raise $800 or $1000 for Team Fox or the Unity Walk — so to be able to donate $50,000 to Parkinson’s research is wildly more than I had ever imagined. 

Aside from the Parkinson’s aspect, it was a blast seeing everyone, and I love how the photos turned out. (You can see the full gallery by clicking on the photo above). I always feel so much love from my friends who stop by, and this year, I even got to introduce some of them to my date for the ball — my Mom!

The 2011 Webutante Ball was sponsored by Solvate, Techies Give Back, Wodka, and Internet Week New York. Thank you so much guys!!

P.S. If you’d like to donate my page on Team Fox, click here!

Feb 14

Jason Derulo: Valentine’s Day/Dallas, TX [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

[ photos © http://www.dianalevine.com ] While I was in Dallas, TX shooting Will.i.am during the week before the Superbowl, I also spent two days photographing and shooting a video project with Jason Derulo. Check out this “Valentine’s Day” interview I shot with him in studio in Dallas. He’s one of my favorite people to work with, because he’s so kind, easygoing, and positive - not to mention talented (ask anyone on the trip to Dallas, I get the song "Ridin’ Solo" in my head. A lot!) Plus, his whole team are so much fun to be around. Last year, I shot a "Day in the Life" with Jason back in New York City, so it was fun to work together again. Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Dec 30

Spinner’s “2010 in Pictures and Words”

Spinner put together a great round up of photos from 2010 — “2010 in Pictures and Words: Throughout 2010, Spinner’s staff and freelance photographers have captured images of many of the year’s most influential stars in music. We proudly show off our top pictures of the year in the following photo gallery, with the photographers describing in their own words the experience of pointing their lens at these artists.”

It was fun looking through the gallery and remembering all of these amazing experiences from 2010. I’ve had such a blast shooting for Aol Music and many of their sites (Spinner, TheBoombox, PopEater, TheBoot and more). I can’t tell you how incredible the staff at Aol is — they are a group of amazingly talented, funny, and warm people, who were an awesome part of my 2010. Aol love!!

Oct 14

Day in the Life: Linkin Park [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

In September (strangely enough, it was on the day of those crazy tornados), I shot a Day in the Life: Linkin Park for NoiseCreep. The guys were super nice, and it was really interesting to hear their perspectives on music. I shot both photo and video, and you can check out both here on NoiseCreep. http://www.dianalevine.com

Oct 5

KT Tunstall [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

In August, I had the pleasure of shooting KT Tunstall for Spinner. She was the nicest person, and a breeze to work with. I’m sure you all know her songs Suddenly I See, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, among others and her new album Tiger Suit is out now. Super talented, easygoing + kind = happy shoot.

Sep 24

jojophotographer said: Who did you get started working with famous musicians?

Hey JoJo, thanks for your “ask me anything” question. I started in magazines, working fulltime as a Designer and Staff Photographer. In addition, I had been shooting band and artist EPKs/album covers throughout college and beyond, so that turned into what I do now. What do you like to shoot?

Sep 9

H&M, MTV commercials for the 2010 VMA’s [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

Last month, Matt and I worked on an awesome promo for H&M, MTV and the VMA’s, which are airing on MTV now. Check out MTV to catch the three commercials, where celebrity stylist Nole Marin is helping SuChin Pak find three possible outfits to wear to the 2010 VMA’s. Viewers can go online and vote for which of the three outfits she should wear. My photos are in the magazine intro (above, of SuChin, Nole, and all of the H&M clothing), as well as the voting site. The spots were produced by Caroline O’Hare, directed by E.J. McLeavey-Fisher and DP’d by Matt Workman. If you don’t catch them on TV, you can check out one of the spots on Matt’s site here.

Jul 21

Kelis [ Photos by DianaLevine.com ]

Here are some of my new photos of Kelis, shot for AOL Music / TheBoombox.com’s Day in the Life: Kelis. It was an awesome day, starting with a bunch of interviews, radio spots, and press, and ended with her big album release and birthday party. She’s such a cool woman, confident in herself, her opinions, and her values, while still humble, funny, and just fun to be around. She’s got a huge following, and I love her new album “Flesh Tone”. 

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